motorboshi Was not entirely correct when he said that Doc was never shot in his 100+ gunfights. He was actually struck during his most famous encounter, the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

This isn't to say that he actually sustained any injuries during the fight. The last of the cowboys to go down shot at Doc and hit his holster causing it to spin around Holliday's waist. This resulted in a superficial wound on his left hip.

Some say that this enraged the drunken dentist even more. He had come so close to death and survived. Doc's demeanor during his gunfights showed an honest disregard for life, both the life of his soon to be dead competitor and his own. Having walked out of such a dangerous situation with the Wild West's equivilant to a scraped knee pissed him off more than had he been shot and legitimately wounded.