There's one web-design commandment that a lot of web developers miss completely:

Don't obsess over one tool to the exclusion of others.1 The worst offenders are those HTML-only monkeys who use <META> elements to

These things are not metadata about the document! Further, there are those who use CGI scripts3 to the complete exclusion of static HTML or simple server-side includes. And those who believe the web is just a handy container for Shockwave. Or don't know you can GET using a form.

In short, it's bad. Don't do it.

1Yes, this commandment applies to virtually anything. Web developers seem particularly vulnerable to it.

2This is almost excusable, because the standard validation tools out there don't make the right way to indicate character encoding particularly obvious. Frequently it requires knowing the quirks of your httpd intimately.

3Choose Your Own Damn Dynamic Content System