A fantasy adventure novel by E.R. Eddison, completed in 1922. The story concerns the threats to the realm of Demonland, the dominion of Lord Juss. The high lords of Demonland, the Lords Juss, Goldry Bluszco, Spitfire, and Brandoch Daha, become separated from their armies by their foe, Gorice VII of Witchland, and adventure beyond the ends of their known world to meet with the Queen Sophonisba.

Although the storyline and the naming conventions are quite fantastic, the novel opens with a more Edwardian narrator, who, having decided to sleep the night in the Lotus Room of his vast mansion, is visited by a strange dream, which is then, as in Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, related as the story. Interestingly, the story ends with Lord Juss declaiming to Queen Sophonisba Shakespeare's Sonnet XVIII, but without any other mention of the dream at the beginning.