Since the weekend I've been trying to shake this cold. One of those sinus-flus brought on by the weather change. For those of you who protest, there are no seasons in California, I will nod, almost true, but there are subtleties, like when the weather changes from clear skies and sunny afternoons to foggy mornings and sunny afternoons. Since one's immune system tends to atrophy in paradise, one tends to catch colds from the smallest changes.

Sometime early this morning, around 1aM, I believe, I came out of my drowsy, sleep-like state to hear a woman's voice shouting "Hey! Hey!" somewhere outside my window. I have a ground floor window, so if I had been in a more alert state, I might have realized she was calling for someone else. But I rolled over, threw an arm affectionately around my pillow, and fell asleep again, warmer for the thought that someone was calling to me.