This WU was originally placed in a more innapropriate place even.

the day I met SEF

It is a typically overcast thursday, unlike any other thursday. I have an appointment for lunch with SEF.

I hear a loud car pull up outside my house. SEF drives a jeep, I thought, as I silenced the yapping little dogs and stepped onto the porch. Indeed, it is SEF; “Hello, Wurm!” she calls out.

Upon climbing into the open-topped desert-khaki off-road machine, I realized that SEF’s short haircut and heavy woolen sweater were dictated by practical considerations. “It might be a bit chill,” she warned, “but you look tough.” Even the quick little jaunt up Piedmont Avenue was thrilling in the jeep. SEF demonstrated amazing parking karma as a space opened just as we pulled into the lot behind the Long’s Drug Store.

SEF was craving Chinese food, so we went to King Yen. There, she ordered the stir-fried calamari, and I the dragon and phoenix. Over lunch we played the E2 Name Game, discussed the prevailing tragedies, talked about you all, shared stories, and argued our particular disagreement. I had a marvelous time. SEF is a strong woman who speaks with much deliberation.

SEF’s fortune cookie: You will always be surrounded by true friends.
Ouroboros’ fortune cookie: Your talents will be recognized and suitably rewarded.
SEF’s lucky numbers: 48, 26, 4, 44, 23, 39
Ouroboros’ lucky numbers: 12, 1, 4, 27, 34, 14
Interestingly enough, the ratio of the sum of SEF’s lucky numbers to that of Ouroboros’ is also that of their ages!
What are the odds of that?

SEF graciously offered to pay for our lunch.

Then, the next day, I notice in the cheddarbox that SEF is accepting bids for her daughter’s hand in marriage.
I guess I didn’t measure up.