Last night, in a bout of platonic wrestling, two of my housemates pinned me to the couch and painted my fingernails gold. This is an excuse before the fact for the appearance of a certain person suffering a strange jaundice at Wintersweet's halloween party tomorrow. Their excuse was that I would not go to work on Halloween, so I had to be costumed today.

It's my last day at my current job! We aren't going to go into just why I'm leaving, as Quizro put it in one of his nodes of much too personal information,

perhaps they want more details. Tough noogies, you shan't have any.
Anyway, not to digress, but for lunch we went to the Oaks Club Room, a card room and hofbrau in the less-than scenic side of Oakland. I had a huge plate of corned beef and smashed potatoes and a schooner of anchor steam beer.

Spread out before me is my freedom from the grind. The only plans, aside from a week in Paso Robles, are to write a set of divisions upon a ground for theorbo and viola da gamba.