Last night was pool night with a couple of people from work. I met my girlfriend at a noodle joint in Berkeley for dinner. She was pretty quiet at the restaurant, but I was not too concerned, as we had been up the night before.

After dinner, we walk down the street to Thalassa, the bar and pool hall I frequent, and she turns to me and apologizes for being quiet, then she begins to say those words, "I think I need a little bit of time and space".

We had met playing pool on a night like this, a couple of months ago. It took until the beginning of September for us to decide to embark on a deeper friendship and some physicality. It's been a very nice distraction, but I know that I don't really want to open up to her.

Right now, I wear a cloak of ambivalence and I am surprised that it seems to fit me well, well . . . .