AC Transit route number 59 runs by a block away from my house and straight up to the university. This morning I board, pay the fare, get a seat (yes!), and start reading my newspaper. About halfway to work, I realize there is someone standing next to the empty seat next to me. This young man is saying something, to which I respond, sure, have a seat. Only then do I look up and recognize this person.

Just yesterday, over burritos at lunch, Ereneta said to me, you seem to be rather adventurous in meeting other noders. To which I responded with the argument that it's scarcely like we don't really know anyone on E2, and that I don't find conversations with everythingians become lukewarm like water.

But here I am, on the bus with this guy whom I recognize from college, wait, I remember his name, I do. He and I surely traded backrubs in choir. We have that where have you been, what have you been doing conversation between acquaintances and, should modesty allow us to describe our prowesslessness-lessness, I have a hard time sounding intelligent or interesting.

After that strange start to today, I am to go over to SEF's for dinner tonight, direct from work, through the rain. I had better caffeinate myself into a social mood.