And, once again, we are pleased to present, another installment of Irregular Zymurgy - batch number 02-3

Igloowhite says It’s never just “let’s crack open a beer” with you, is it?

This Wurm had left a note on misuba’s palm, “3/1: tell ouro to brew beer for the april-nodermeet.” Owing to misuba’s fine personal hygiene, or the fact that he upgraded his palmtop, this reminder was delivered yesterday.
This morning I awoke with a start, “There was no time to spare”, I thought to myself, “I must brew today if it is to be ready for April 13.” I drove out to the brewing store and bought supplies.

    A tea of
  • ½ lb chocolate malt (grain) and
  • 1 lb crystal 40L malt (grain)
    was made by allowing them to steep in 3 gallons of water as it came to a boil. Once at a boil, the grains were strained from the tea, and
  • 4 lbs dark malt extract and
  • 2 ½ lbs light malt extract
    were added and stirred, along with
  • 1 ½ oz northern brewer hops.
    A vigorous boil was maintained for 45 minutes, then
  • 2 oz tettanger hops
    were added, the pot covered, and the heat turned off. These finishing hops were allowed to steep for about 15 minutes. The wort was then strained and poured over cubed ice. Once at a suitable temperature, it was decanted into a carboy and inoculated with Wyeast strain #1007 “german ale”.
At this point, I gave it a blessing, using filtered tap water that I had dropped on an aligned altar.

This dark ale, which should display a spicy hops aroma and a mildly bitter taste, damn well better ferment in 8 days, so that it can properly condition and be ready for the second weekend in April.
Hopefully, it won't be exploding in anyone's freezer.