After the (relative) success of Budweiser Tapper video game, Bally/Midway produced Budweiser Geyser as a second entry for the bar and nightclub venue.

In Budweiser Geyser, you control a bartender attempting to open bottles of beer and fill steins. The complication is the bartender's assistant, who shakes each bottle before handing it to the bartender. Once the bottle has been opened, there is a brief pause, then, the beer blows out of the top, like a geyser. At this point, moving the joystick back and forth changes the parabola described by the stream of beer, allowing you to direct it to fill a row of beer mugs. You earn points for full mugs, but lose points for slop (i.e. beer that misses the mugs).
Unlike Budweiser Tapper, there are no "lives", the deposit of one quarter yields one play. The bartender's assistant will shake and pass each of twelve bottles to the bartender. At the completion, the total score is announced on a screen that includes a characterization of a beer drinker for each mug filled. They all cheer, and a sufficiently high score allows another play.

The graphics in this game were of rather poor quality and the animation was rather stylized, but rhythmic. It seems that the designers were responding to a criticism of Budweiser Tapper that the graphics were to small to see clearly after drinking a couple of rounds of beers.

Hardware Information
A cabinet similar to that of Budweiser Tapper was used, complete with the brass rail for one foot and a flat space just large enough for a beer mug on the control panel. The control panel uses an analog joystick and a single button.

Unlike Budweiser Tapper, this game was never marketed to younger players. The researchers in marketing found that the youth were more interested in playing Kick Their Fucking Heads In 2.