In which Ouroboros demonstrates that he is an insensitive shite.

CUE MUSIC: Shake the Disease from Depeche Mode

It’s going to happen and there is nothing I can do to stop it. This much I know is true, because already the beast is slouching towards Bethlehem, or rather Singapore. And it’s the slouching that is the problem: she isn’t moving fast enough. Not that I've got anything against Singapore. Let me fill you in ...

A year ago in March, one of my housemates (the problem housemate) graduated from art school with an MA in video art. Plateaus of opportunity were open before her; she applied to and was offered a job teaching film history at Singapore University. Summer came and went, she put new shingles on a neighbor’s house to get by. Autumn began and I thought that this silent rejection was perhaps a cruel joke, but did not know who had perpetrated it upon whom. Winter occurs, she gets a new communication, informing her that the work for her visa was beginning, the term of employment would start in late June 2001.

So here we are, June 5, 2001. The house has already negotiated the room exchanges that will occur once she leaves; and discussed, contacted, and accepted an application for someone to take her place. She has even bought an airline ticket and arranged for transportation to LAX. But now she is starving herself and not drinking water, making herself too dizzy to walk and driving up her blood pressure. I am convinced that she is pretending to be sick, it is something that she has done before. We have not been able to substantiate that she actually has any of the diseases she has hinted at having. Even so, I am expecting her to play the cancer card. Or come up with something else.

I may be jumping at shadows, expecting her to quietly inform each of us that she is too sick to go to Singapore. Perhaps she will even find an excuse in the certificate of health.

I may be an insensitive asshole, but if it comes right down to it, I want her out of the house, this month. It could split a couple of the long standing friendships between the seven of us and thereby burn the house down. However, it has not been anyone’s beautiful house for the past 2 years on account of her arch presence and ill-defined sicknesses.