Tonight the train is loud enough to wake me from sleep. I unspiral my serpentine form and descend from my tower. Thirsty, I slither to the river and drink deeply.

I return to the grey stone tower, walking through the great doors and find myself in a columbarium or library. Two white robed attendants stand on either side of a long table. Shelves line the walls, on some are piles of stone tablets, but others are full of tiny drawers like an apothecary. The attendants take these tablets from the open cases, place them on the table, then arrange items taken from the drawers upon them.

I am handed one of these tablets by an attendant. It is light in weight and cool to the touch. It is engraved with words I do not recognize, yet as I read it, images form above the surface; a hologram for each noun.

The fifth or sixth tablet I am handed to peruse is significantly longer than the others; the attendant who gives it to me seems far away. As I hold this sheet in front of me, it becomes the table. It lengthens into a road. I step upon this road and then begin to slither through a forest.

The road leads to a clearing; there is a short flight of wooden steps that I need to walk down in order to enter. In the clearing is a pavilion. In the pavilion I settle amongst the pillows and return to sleep.