An unscheduled broadcast of Irregular Zymurgy - batch number 02-5

Last night I brewed another batch of ale. I've had all the materials lying around for some 12 days, I had actively procrastinated by brewing a different batch this weekend. Tonight, it will be done. Tonight, it must be done. If we all are lucky, this batch will complete primary fermentaion and be force-carbonated in time for grundoon's barbecue on the second weekend of May.

    As with every other batch, I set water to boil. Since I had burnt the grain bag on the last batch, I simply dumped in
  • 3/4 lb crystal 80L malt (crushed grain)
    and let it come to boil while I searched the freezer for hops. Once it boiled, I strained the tea into a larger pot, and stirred in
  • 4 lbs wheat malt extract,
  • 1½ lbs amber malt extract, and
  • ½ lb wildflower honey.
    This too was brought to a boil, at which point
  • 2 oz Mt Hood hops
    were added. After 30 minutes, more hops,
  • 2 oz Fuggles,
    went into the pot. This all continued to boil for another 20 minutes. (The wort boiled for about 50 minutes total.) As finishing hops, I threw in the remaining
  • 1 oz Mt Hood hops
    and let it steep for 20 minutes. It was then poured over 6 lbs of ice, and decanted into a carboy. This wort was pitched with White Labs strain #300 "hefeweisen ale", which should contribute banana and clove notes to the aroma.

a poem
two jugs of beer in the corner
in the early of the morn
murmer to each other
what do they conspire?
what do they dream at night?