Thanks to the Internet, French suited Tarot decks used for French Tarot and Austrian Tarock may now be easily purchased by North Americans in online specialty stores. We no longer need to settle for Tarot decks which are more suited for divination. I recommend that Tarot/Tarock players reward online vendors who are now making the proper playing materials available to us.

Some Tarot decks which are currently sold for divination and fortune telling may also be used for Tarot, Tarock and Tarocchi games. AG Mueller's Swiss 1JJ Tarot is quite optimal for game playing as the suit signs of the court cards are always located in the upper left corner and sort of function as corner indices. This deck is currently used in Switzerland for Tarot card games. Another good deck for game playing is Lo Scarabeo's Ancient Italian Tarots. This is a reproduction of a late 19th century Tarocchi deck. Unlike many reproduction decks, the artwork of this deck is appealing to modern tastes. Although it may now be sold for divination purposes, it is still optimal for card playing.