AAARRRRGGGGHHH. This morning I spent an hour and a half in a Telephone Labyrinth trying to have my internet service reconnected. This was a problem since I make my $ via the internet. So after having corrected the situation I ate breakfast on the deck I made yesterday from the remains of the old fence.

Oh yes, the old fence, you know, the one that used to surround our backyard? What backyard you say? Well let me tell you, you see our landlady owns three houses in a row which appearently are adjacent to a vacant lot. Trouble is she built fences onto this land (owned by the city) and called them yards for her houses. So you can see where this is going eh?

Well Mr. Neighbor wants to tear down his old house and build a new one, so guess what? he measures the property line and (big surprise) discovers that one of these fences is 3 inches onto his property. Not only that but he also discovers that those three yards are actually a vacant lot owned by the city, whom he immediately informs.


Good-bye yard, Good-bye three yards! And one with such an exquisit garden too. Ofcourse none of the tenants of these houses realised when they moved in that their yards were on the cities land, but hey tough do do.

End result: Mr. Neighbor gets a brand new driveway up to his garage through our (virtual) backyards. Ah, the joys of planet Earth.

However I am still a Happy noder:

Ole Worm

Elias Ashmole


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