Inpromptu nodermeets, Pt. 1: Auckland

I am currently travelling the world, the journey having so far taken me through Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The latest stage is Japan, and this particular missive is being written at a bar in Nagano-ken.

My next departure is for NZ, on the 18th of June. While I have plans for after the 24th, I'm left with a few days in Auckland with not much to do but mooch around an admittedly lovely city. If only I had some people I knew in Auckland ...

Which leads on to my proposal: would any friendly noders in the Auckland area like to get together at some point with a young British noder and his non-E2 friend?

If you'd be up for some prisoner of Her Majesty bashing between the 19th and 24th June 2004, let me know, either here or via my roaming email address - mirrorconspiracy at hotmail dot com.