Key to the Moon

"Are you mad? It's gotta be 10 below out there. For God's sake, take a warm jacket, you'll freeze!"

Amy didn't hear him as she walked out the door. There was nothing but desire - to get out of this stuffy hut, to escape the clinging heat of too hot electric heating.

The door snapped closed behind her, and she felt like she'd entered a different world. Breathing deeply, feeling the exhilaration of near frozen air hitting her lungs. Exhaling, walking through the fog she had created.

The mist twisted and contorted with her passage. The transformation was complete.

Amy's eyes scanned the skies anxiously, hoping she hadn't left too late. Seeing nothing but millions of stars, the tension finally left her completely. Snow crunched underneath her feet, as she began to walk towards the low hills which were blocking her view of the horizon. Picture perfect normally - now, simply in the way.

An hour after she left, he began to worry. Soon afterwards, he was angry. It was exhausting walking through the snow, and he was comfortable here.

Reaching the hilltop, the tiniest sliver of the moon was cresting the horizon, impossibly large to her eyes. Amy began her journey.

Two hours later in his jacket, a torch illuminating the ground. Torn between worry and fury. Every step he took revealed nothing, every shout returned unheard.

Daybreak, and the search party set out. The first footprints they found, on top of the hill, were impossibly large. As they followed the line stretching towards the horizon, they got smaller. None understood how, or why, but soon they were no larger than a childs.

Eventually, they disappeared completely.

None of them would ever see the fog of one last breath, hours past. Hanging for an eternity, before finally drifting away.