What the secretaries sing and the CEO's bark in the bars -
What do the dead say to the ones who still think they're alive?
"With your heads all on backwards you can't see in front for what near
behind you lies"...

I keep wondering how close I came to missing this.

December 12, 2002

She's always been there. Always on the edge of my vision...just slipping around the centre of my sight, and fading away. Dripping from the edges.

The ray of light, shining straight into my eyes...blinding me.

Children are running around, Santa's made an appearance. Alcohol is flowing, the sun shining down on a football, kicked between groups of people celebrating.

I don't remember much more, until I stood with her on a small wooden bridge.

'..do you have any idea how good looking you are?'

...remember to breathe...

Awake, and dreaming
But I'm only sleeping...


She looks at me, in a sideways glance. Christmas day three days gone, the last time I'd seen her.

'You know, I missed you...'

Remember nothing...simply allow your face to form this impossible to contain smile.

Just keep, your eyes on her
Don't look away
Keep your eyes on her horizon...