Neo-psychedelic band inspired by The Beach Boys, The Beatles (Rubber Soul period), and other sixties pop acts as well as the energy and passion of punk rock. After numerous singles and compilation appearances, collected on Singles & Beyond, they released their debut LP, Music From The Unrealized Film Script Dusk At Cubist Castle. Following some touring and some years working with their four tracks they released their masterpiece: Black Foliage: Animation Music. It combines Beach Boys-esque pop with crazy sound collages, tape manipulation pieces and the world's catchiest melody (The Black Foliage theme.)

Core Members:

...although in truth, all members play all sorts of other things as well. Various additional players (both live and studio) include: Jeff Mangum, Robert Schneider, Laura Carter, Andrew Reiger, Julian Koster, Jeremy Barnes, Scott Spillane... and virtually any other Elephant 6 musician.

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