Mohinder were an emo band from Cupertino, CA. They existed from 1993-1994. The members were Albert, Dove, Clay, and James at various points.

They only put out three 7" records in the course of their existance, which are all contained on their discography CD. The songs on that CD are:

  1. To Satisfy
  2. Run
  3. Give
  4. Inhuman Nature
  5. Numb
  6. Of Sound Mind
  7. 101
  8. Number One
  9. Imbalance
  10. Itch
  11. Expiration
  12. Beautiful
  13. The Static Cult
  14. The Mission
  15. Acceptance
  16. Division
  17. One Warrior
  18. Alien
Also included are two complete live shows, recorded at 924 Gilman on 11/93 and 2/94.

Mohinder is an unusually intense band, mixing absurdly fast drumming with screamed vocals and super distorted guitars, often just playing random feedback drenched chords. To such an extent are the guitars distorted, that it's hard to recognize the songs on the live section of the disc when compared to the studio part.

The lyrics usually involve disillusionment, anger, and loneliness.