12:30 PM

I'm in Newark. The plane ride was incredibly turbulent, but I was too excited to be scared. A few people got sick, which was kinda gross. Especially in such a small plane.

Got out of bed at about 8 this morning, through a few t-shirts, a sweater, boxers and some books in my backpack and left. Left at about 9:30, had some coffee and a bagel at Dunkin Donuts and got my boarding passes. On the plane I sat next to an obnoxious yuppie lady on the plane. I just read and tried to ignore her.

The plane was the smallest I've ever been on. It only sat 30 people and was very small. Tje pretty girl in front of me got sick, which kind've ruined her mystique.

So, now I have 2 hours to kill at the airport I'm eating ritz bits sandwhich crackers that I took from home. They are good. The Obey Giant sticker on the mailbox reminds me of home. It is good.

About 1:15

Fear my chili dog eating skills.
Water, flat sprite sucks.
I'm so thrilled to be here on my own. I can make an ass out of myself and no one will yell at me! I pondered giving Marc or Dylan a call, but I decided against it because I should save my calling card minutes.

The clouds rocked. Like freeze dried smoke. Everything was bright in the clouds. Think of white silver opaqueness.


Shit.. I just slipped back into quasi-existential angst mode about Kaylan and Corey. I shouldn't do that... I just keep thinking about it all.
I miss her so much.


I just had massive fun putting goatse.cx on all the free web terminals here. I also read some E2 and checked my e-mail and some amusing pornography.

There's a hot asian girl reading Kafka in front of me. She has glasses, too!


My flight was supposed to board 30 minutes ago!

Overheard snippet:

"You said my mom called? What'd she want?"


At Laguardia airport.

The flight from Newark was cancelled so they threw us in taxis to get here. We're lucky the flight from here was delayed, or else we would've missed it too and had to wait until 6. I've pretty much gotten in contact with Jon. Left him [messages[ anyway.

The man I taxi'd with is also giving me a ride to campus from the airport, 'cause he has a car in Rochester. It's kinda sketchy, though, 'cause I don't know him. So I'm a bit apprehensive but whatever.

Time Unknown

Going to land in about 15 minutes.
Getting a bit scareder to accept a ride from my travelling partner. I don't even know his name (note: I later found out it's Haran.)

I got pretzels and bloody mary mix on the plane. They were good.

Forgot to mention earlier that I napped in the taxi from Newark to Laguardia and had upsetting Kaylan dreams. oh well. whatever.

Jon's probably insanely pissed off at my lateness. I was supposed to be there 4 HOURS AGO

4:15 AM (2/18 but...)

In Jon's dorm room. Tonight/Last night we saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Dude, Where's My Car?. DWMC? is such a stoner movie. Jon has good mp3s.

The food here is so sketchy.

Cool people I have met:

  • Matt
  • Albim
  • Brian
  • Jay

I'm still fucked up about Kaylan.

Coalesce is good!

Laura was looking pretty good, tonight. She reminds me of Liz with bigger tits.