Some friends and I went to see "Star Trek: Generations" on its opening night. Being the first Star Trek film to feature the Next Generation cast, we were quite excited, even if it meant sitting with a roommate who insisted on wearing his plastic communicator pin. Upon arriving at Circle Cinema, I was astounded to see loads of people with communicator pins, Vulcan ears, and homemade tricorders. One middle aged woman was dolled up in full Starfleet garb, and another guy was dressed up as a Ferengi. There was an atmosphere of severe, unbridled geekiness, but we boldly ventured into the theatre.

So, you can imagine the atmosphere of the crowd as the lights dimmed. The screen gets dark, and a bottle of champagne slowly spins through the vastness of space. Patrick Stewart's name appears, and the crowd erupts in general cheers and random shouts of "Picard!" and "Jean-Luc!" William Frakes is next, and he illicits a chorus of "RIKER! RIKER! RIKER!" Then comes Brent Spiner. "DATA!" they all shout, clearly favoring him over the Captain and Number One.

Spiner's name dissolves into the background, and a new name takes his place: LeVar Burton. Before anyone can say anything, my roommate shouts at the top of his lungs:


Half of the crowd laughs, and the other half is pissed. One kid stands up in front of us, points at my friend and says angrily, "It's Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge to you, bud." It took about ten minutes to recover...