I read this in Premiere...

Patrick Stewart was in Hollywood, walking to his car, and decided to stop at an ATM to get money. While he was in the booth, he noticed a man just kind of standing on the street, looking at him from about 100 feet away. Stewart got his money and left the ATM. The guy started walking towards him. Stewart was a little uneasy, since it was dark out, he was alone, and this guy had just seen him get money from an ATM. So he started walking faster... but so did the guy. Eventually he's running at top speed towards his car, but the guy chasing him was faster. Realizing he wasn't going to get to his car in time, he quickly stopped and took a defensive stance...

     "What do you want!?" he demanded.

     "Are you Jean-Luc Picard?" the guy asked.

     "Yes..." replied Stewart, quizzically.

     The guy dropped to his knees, looked up, and shouted, "I LOVE THIS TOWN!"

According to the article, Jean-Luc doesn't hang out in Hollywood too much anymore (although maybe that was a joke).