Mega Man III - Password Hacking

The password system for Mega Man III consists of a 6x6 grid, with each square either empty, or filled with either a red or blue ball. The placement of each ball indicates which robot masters you've defeated, and also how many lives and energy tanks you have left. Use the following table to hack your password and complete the game more easily.


Not recorded by password.  All games start with three 
lives.  However, energy tanks, when properly used, are 
the equivalent of extra lives.

# OF ENERGY TANKS (Place a Red Ball in the corresponding square)

0 - C5   1 - E6   2 - E4   3 - B4   4 - A5
5 - C1   6 - D2   7 - C3   8 - F2   9 - A6


Top Man                   A3 Red
Magnet Man                F5 Red
Hard Man                  C4 Red
Snake Man                 F6 Red
Gemini Man                B5 Red
Needle Man                D3 Red
Spark Man                 F4 Red
Shadow Man                D6 Red

Hard Man + Gemini Man     B5 Blue
Top Man + Snake Man       A3 Blue
Magnet Man + Needle Man   D3 Blue
Spark Man + Shadow Man    F4 Blue

Second Shadow Man        A4 Red
Second Needle Man        B2 Red
Second Spark Man         A1 Red
Second Gemini Man        B6 Red
2nd Shadow + 2nd Spark   A1 Blue
2nd Needle + 2nd Gemini  B2 Blue