One of the messages spread by those commercials broadcast during G.I. Joe, brought to you by the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. Pretty funny now that I look back on them. One of them featured a group of kids playing baseball when one of them hit a ball through a window. An older gentleman comes out of the house, looks down at the glass, and starts singing... opera style....

MAN: "Who broke my window?!"
BOY: "Telling the truth isn't gonna be easy!"
MAN: "Glass, everywhere you look!"
BOY: "Why does stomach feel nervous and queasy?"

Eventually, the boy fesses up, and the man tells him he has to pay for the window, but says "I'm proud of you, child." for telling the truth, which is the stuff from which heroes are made. Then, the kid shouts out "I TOLD THE TRUTH!", and the chorus follows with "HE TOLD THE TRUTH!".

Then there's another one where two kids are walking home, and the first kid says, "Yeah, I'll just tell my mom I'm studying with a friend and come right over." The two split up, and the kid opens the front door, but instead of being in his house, he finds himself in a dark alleyway surrounded by a bunch of dancers with flashlights who begin to sing...

"When you tell one lie, it leads to another
Then you tell two lies to cover each other
Then you tell three lies. Oh brother!
You're in trouble up to your ears."

With each line, they get closer and closer to the kid, until finally he bolts back out the door and runs smack into his mother. He hugs her tights and cries "I wasn't really studying I was going to Jimmy's house to play baseball I'll never lie again I promise!"

Apparently, these commercials were designed in some way to teach us not to lie. Instead, my friends and I just made fun of it.