The last studio album released by Led Zeppelin while John Bonham was still alive. Synthesizer-heavy, especially the ten-and-a-half-minute centerpiece, "Carouselambra". With its theremin-laced "In The Evening", piano-romp "South Bound Saurez", and country number "Hot Dog", "In Through The Out Door" was quite a different album that all of the band's previous efforts. The album's cover featured one of six different angles of a scene of a man in a white suit and hat at a bar, and was wrapped in brown paper, stamped with the band's name, the album name, and a track listing.

Track Listing:

  • In The Evening
  • South Bound Saurez
  • Fool In The Rain
  • Hot Dog
  • Carouselambra
  • All My Love
  • I'm Gonna Crawl

    "In Through The Out Door" was released on August 15, 1979 on the Swan Song label, and was produced by Jimmy Page.