This is fucked up, but, what do you want when you watch election coverage for four hours before falling asleep (once again, just you keep you updated, Gore has carried Massachusetts and its 11 electoral votes...)

I'm helping these inner city kids, in what capacity I'm not sure. It's weird because they live right on this busy intersection. Anyway, there's this girl who helps out, too, and I can't stand her. She's always bossing the kids around. So the mother tells us to go water the lawn, so the girl, the kids, and I go out to the back. It's a pretty big field, actually, rather than a lawn, and you have to water it by jamming a rubber hose onto this rusty pipe, and then putting your finger over the end to increase the pressure to send the water further than just a trickle. As we're doing this, Spike Lee is standing in the street preaching.

He's preaching about inequities of race in our country, and my friend Will is lying down on the sidewalk with his hands behind his head, debating the famous film producer. Normally, Will's not a debator, and I doubt if he would have issues with Spike Lee's particular points of the day, but eventually Spike Lee announces that he's cancelling the film he was going to make. Will goes ballistic, telling him that it's a meaningless gesture that's only going to piss off the high-ups in Hollywood. Spike says he doesn't care.

Meanwhile, the girl that helps out is having a conversation with another random girl. I find out that she wanted to go to college to become a scientist, but gave it up because the kids needed help. I tell her not to worry, that she'll still be a scientist some day.

Later on (jumping ahead a bit, as my memory isn't too clear), I'm playing softball. I think it's my company team, because there are a couple people from work on the dream team, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm pitching, and everyone in the field keeps making errors, and it's pissing me off. After a close play at home plate, I argue with the umpire, and I get thrown out.

Standing on the sidelines, a cute blonde girl suddenly appears. She's carrying a bunch of yellow pom-poms, and she's very angry. It also appears that there's a convenience store here now, as there are several low shelves behind her with items on them. Keep in mind that we're still outside on a softball field... there's just some extra shelving.

She's really pissed. Apparently, (this is going to sound REALLY stupid) she thinks that I am the one who has nearly destroyed her planet. With pom-poms. Yes, she's from another planet, one where pom-poms are some kind of deadly weapon. Whatever. She starts throwing them at me, and I'm just catching them and throwing them back over the first shelf. She picks up this really big pom-pom, and gets ready to throw it, but before she can I walk up and kiss her (good for me!), like that World War II photo with the soldier and the nurse. She's very stunned... not like 'why is kissing me', but more like she doesn't even know what a kiss is. Strange. I tell her, "I'll fix this," then I turn around and enter then house behind me.

Boom. Wake up time. What the fuck?