I only add these when they're really weird, so bear with me... one should also keep in mind that my roommate was watching Vampire Hunter D shortly before I went to bed.

It's a school, apparently my school, but it doesn't look anything like my school. They're putting some kind of weird mylar sail roof on the thing. People are trying to inspect the work, but it's hard to climb up onto the roof. I'm not sure why this is being done. Famous people are there, but I'm not sure who they are. Maybe Bruce Willis.

Skip ahead some...

I am infiltrating the same school, this time because weird things are going on. People have disappeared, including the girl I love. Students have become hostile and have locked themselves in the school (which, for whatever reason, seems more like a mansion now, and I have no trouble getting in). I break in once to find a girl from my high school lying on a bed paralyzed. Weird. I carry her outside to some law enforcement people, and head back in.

Wandering around, I see this girl Lori from work lying down in what looks like a fireplace. I'm trying to help her out when I'm attacked by Robert Downey. Why my subconscious would choose to have me attacked by someone who I could whip rather handily is beyond me, but after I knock him backwards with a chair, he confesses to me that all of the tranced people need to be a certain weight, and if they're off even the slightest bit, things will go wrong. There are a number of other conditions which I'm instantly aware of... I'll get to this in a bit. Luckily, I happen to have several packages of Sour Patch Kids. I wake Lori up and give her a package, tell her to eat them, and then I run off. Robert Downey does not follow.

Suddenly, I'm back outside. I'm looking through a window, where I see four guys wearing Minnesota Vikings football jerseys doing some kind of strange dance. I have to knock one of these guys into some kind of vat of acid/pit of fire/something like that, so I start looking for an entrance.

Things get weird after that, probably because my mind is sensing that it's time to wake up, and is trying to finish things off. I somehow inherit the ability to fly and to pass through solid objects, like that chick from the X-Men. I manage to find the girl I love almost immediately, and start looking around for an exit, when we're confronted by some big-ass spider-looking thing. This is apparently the 'final boss' of this whole thing. What's unfortunate is that I don't get a chance to kill it. It's powering itself up somehow for an attack, but that's when I wake up...

Summary: at least I didn't have to eat a sandwich with Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.