Post-apocalyptic film about a guy named Sam whose sex robot Cherry 2000 breaks down, forcing him to hire tracker/mercenary/object of desire Melanie Griffith to guide him through the desert to the now abandoned robot warehouse so that he can get a new Cherry. For some vaguely touched upon reason, they get chased around by a gang of humorous thugs led by Tim Thomerson (of Trancers and Dollman fame), who likes to shoot arrows at close range towards people with paper bags over their heads. As the movie unfolds, the big question becomes... will Sam choose his Cherry 2000 sex robot, or Melanie Griffith?

There's really no point in renting this movie, as there seems to be some law requiring that it be shown every weekend on some high UHF channel, so just wait until you're bored some Saturday and you'll find it waiting. It's also worth watching to see a little bit of early Laurence Fishburne.