Against all advice, I went to see Battlefield Earth on Saturday night. I have to say... I was thoroughly entertained, but I think it was for all the wrong reasons...

Every time John Travolta did his maniacal laugh (which was quite often), I was in hysterics. Example dialogue:

            JOHN TRAVOLTA
     I'm going to tell all of our superiors what you did.

            RANDOM PSYCHLO
     But you said you wouldn't!

            JOHN TRAVOLTA
     Yes... but I changed my mind!  Muahahahahaha!
He's just so thoroughly evil, but in a Darwin Mayflower kind of way that's more amusing than sinister. Most of the other Psychlos are like that, too. It was also cool seeing Kim Coates again. He's the guy that got his nose punched into his brain by Bruce Willis in The Last Boy Scout, and the guy who trades paper for sex in Waterworld.

If anything, the movie has me now seriously thinking of buying the book. No, not Battlefield Earth. It's much too long. The book I'm looking to buy is the SAMS "Learn the Harrier Jet in 7 Days". And maybe the "Illiterate's Guide To Nuclear Weapons", too.

Battlefield Earth is not as horrible as the critics would like you to believe. Did they even see Bats? How about Lobster Man From Mars? Highlander 2? Phat Beach? People are calling this the worst movie in decades, and I can't even put it in my top 10 worst.

But then again, if given the choice between that and Cherry 2000...