February 19th saw a rousing game of Mornington Crescent arise in the Chatterbox, shortly before 16:00 server time. Initiated by ariels, all parties involved were masters at their craft. The Custodian made some early mistakes, but was well on the comeback when ariels 'buggered off'. baffo joined in late, but the session was suspended just an hour in when a newbie began to cry about downvoting.

Mornington Crescent - February 19th, 2001

Major players:

The Custodian
Orange Julius
Cow Of Doom

(all non-game chatter deleted)

15:55: ariels also notes that the c-box is fast 
       deteriorating to the point of starting a game of 
       Mornington Crescent.
15:58: The Custodian mumbles 'Barkingham Place' since it's 
       a holiday
15:59: Orange Julius: Oooh, clever strategy!
16:04: Orange Julius: Very well then... Hyde Park Corner.
16:04: Spuunbenda: Because I was forced in for repairs two 
       turns ago, I can now say: Bounds Green
16:05: ariels: It's a Monday!  Embankment
16:05: Orange Julius: Bounds Green?  Is that legal?  It's a 
       two-zone station!
16:06: Spuunbenda: yes, but repairs trump day-of-week, 
       except on Fridays
16:08: ariels: I invoke null move: Embankment
16:09: Orange Julius: I need to manage my risk... let's go 
       with Great Portland Street
16:11: Orange Julius: Embankment was a good choice.  It's 
       proximity to Westminster makes it an ideal play.
16:15: Spuunbenda: Risk be damned: my repairs were done by 
       expatriate Scotsmen in Malta so I can skip 
       directly to Rickmansworth
16:15: Orange Julius: Were they ill-tempered?
16:16: ariels: Westminster.  Parliament's not sitting 
       today, right?
16:16: Spuunbenda: the foulest
16:17: The Custodian: Picadilly, even though that's a 
       really junior move.
16:20: ariels: Hedged at Picadilly by TheCustodian!  
       Victoria, then.  (And I declare British Rail)
16:20: The Custodian: Ouch, the BritRail hurt
16:20: Cow Of Doom: whoa, Victoria? ariels, it's not 
       Lent yet, is it?
16:21: Orange Julius: That's bush league, Custodian.  And I 
       don't mean Shepherd's Bush.  Personally, if I was 
       going Picadilly Line, I'd have gone with 
       Knightsbridge.  But it's not my turn.
16:22: The Custodian: Look, I was just trying to work 
       towards Cockfosters.  I'm a Yank, it's not that 
       easy. :-)
16:22: Spuunbenda: Well, since Bounds Green and Piccadilly 
       are on the same line, I can fianchetto Custodian at 
       Piccadilly and still have time for a bite in Clapham
16:25: ariels: Vauxhall.  I claim south side flanching 
16:26: Orange Julius: OK, James I Gambit: Latimer Road, 
       Hammersmith & City Line
16:27: Spuunbenda: Curses, foiled again!
16:28: Spuunbenda runs off to the meeting he's already 7 
       minutes late for...
16:29: The Custodian: OJ: I claim North Jump to Willesdon 
16:29: yerricde: Ncurses, foiled again!
16:29: The Custodian: Er, spelling: Willesden Junction.
16:30: Orange Julius: Custodian, the Zone 3 Defense didn't 
       work for Wembley, and it won't work for you.
16:30: ariels: Nothing for it but Stockwell.  I just hope 
       to avoid Brixton at this stage.
16:31: The Custodian: gtkCurses, foiled again!
16:32: ariels: Do the reformed rules permit spelling?  
       (We're playing standard reformed, right?)
16:32: Orange Julius: Stockwell?  Are you bloody insane?  
       After Willesdon Junction, the clear move to 
       recooperate is Maida Vale!
16:33: Orange Julius: I thought we were playing using the 
       Uxbridge Modified scoring system...
16:35: The Custodian: Jeez.  If you'd TOLD me we were using 
       UxMod, I would've played West Ham on the 
       Hammersmith & city for line reciprocity.
16:35: ariels: Kew Gardens, keeping south.  You weren't 
       expecting THAT, Julius.
16:36: Orange Julius: Well, I could be wrong.  I was 
       wondering why no one had played Caledonian Road.  
       Maybe that's why.
16:37: The Custodian: ariels: despite your obvious ploy to 
       push me to Heathrow, I'll pass this turn.
16:37: Orange Julius: ariels, it is clear you are skilled 
       in this game.  But you have to enter Earl's Court 
       sometime... and then you are MINE!
16:38: Orange Julius does not pass, but rather moves boldly 
       into Russell Square!
16:40: baffo: Hmmm ... what is this, London Undergound 
       Chess ?
16:41: The Custodian: Nono, Mornington Crescent.
16:41: Orange Julius: It's a rousing game of Mornington 
       Crescent.  The Custodian is receiving a good 
       rogering at the hands of ariels!
16:42: Orange Julius: However, he cleverly passed this 
       turn, forcing ariels' hand.
16:42: The Custodian: I disagree.  Bank, which allows me 
       to play the Docklands Light Rail gambit.
16:43: The Custodian: Damn! OJ'S RIGHT, I should've 
       passed!  Sigh.
16:43: Orange Julius: I've not seen that since Archie 
       Gimmel scored against Holland in 1978!
16:44: The Custodian: Hmm.  Examining the Other Noders 
       list, I would venture that ariels has buggered 
       off.  Is that a default?
16:46: Orange Julius: It's been fourteen minutes since his 
       last move.  Shall we call it a draw?
16:47: The Custodian: Sporting of you.  A draw it is.  That 
       leaves him still atop me on the ladder, but I'll get 
       him next time.
16:48: baffo: On his behalf, I would like to 
       play "straddle: Elephant and Castle - Charing 
       Cross". May I ?
16:53: Orange Julius: We have another player!
16:53: Orange Julius: Charing Cross is a little too close 
       to the Thames for me, but other than that, it's a 
       good opener.
16:54: baffo: Nonono, I would never presume to just butt 
       into a game ... not without knowing the local
       rules. I was just suggesting a move in absentia.
16:55: Orange Julius: baffo, we'll leave ariels in Kew 
       Gardens, then, and start you out at Charing Cross.
16:56: Orange Julius: Meawhile, I'll move to Chalk Farm.  
       I'm on the Northern Line now, baby!

Final Results

All observers seemed to agree that ariels was ahead at stoppage of play. Orange Julius was making a move onto the Northern Line, rather risky considering how early in the game it was. ariels remained at Kew Gardens, while The Custodian hit Bank, a solid play condering it lies on Northern, Central, and Waterloo & City, with interchanges to Monument's Circle and District Lines. All things considered, it was probably The Custodian's best move. Spuunbenda was stuck in Bounds Green, and baffo was just starting out at Charing Cross, trying to straddle Elephant & Castle.