Eve Bunting was born Anne Evelyn Bolton in 1928 to a Protestant family in Northern Ireland. Growing up in Northern Ireland, Bunting had many first-hand encounters with the Protestant-Catholic wars that are all too common in that area. In 1958, when she was 30 and a mother of three, Bunting decided that the religious wars were too much to handle so she and her family moved to the United States and took residence in California.

Under the pen names: Eve Bunting, Evelyn Bolton, and A.E. Bunting, she has published over 200 books for people ranging from toddler age to young adult. The themes and genres of her books cover an expansive range. She has written mysteries, romances, picture books, fantasies, informational books, ghost stories, historical fiction, science fiction, and realistic fiction. However, most people agree that it is Bunting's realistic fiction that draws the most attention of all her work. Most likely, this is true because Bunting writes about what she calls "tender topics." These topics include abuse, abortion, racism, orphanhood, homelessness, disability, surrogate parenting, teenage suicide, divorce, death, and war.

Some critics label Bunting's work as "overly prolific and formulaic." However, many others elevate Bunting's work to a great level. One critic says "many of her works ... are recognized as being among the most substantial in their respective genres and are often noted as the first books on their subjects."

Whether the critics like her or not, Eve Bunting is still a very accomplished author. She has won countless awards including the Golden Kite Award, the PEN Special Achievement Award, the Classroom Choice from Scholastic Paperbacks, Children’s Book of the Year, American Library Association’s (ALA) Best books for Young Adults, Parents’ Choice Award, and the Young Readers Choice Award.

*All specific information and quotations were put into my head after reading Something about the Author."