The Dresden Dolls are a self-described "brechtian punk cabaret" band. They consist of Amanda Palmer, vocalist and pianist, and Brian Vigilone, drummer, sometimes guitarist and on rare occaisions, vocalist as well.
The Dolls are more performance art than a regular rock band- at every show Amanda can be seen wearing a black velvet dress with an embroidered letter 'A' and her signature striped stockings. Brian sports a vintage-looking bowler hat, and the both of them are made up like china dolls. Their music is different than anything else I've heard; Amanda's deep vocals combined with her raw piano and Brian's drums arrive at a product that is all at once dramatic, punk, rock, and cabaret.
The Dresden Dolls won the WBCN (a Bostonian alternative rock radio station-to be found at Rock'n'Rumble last year, and have had their debut video for Girl Anachronism aired on MTV2.
Currently, they have two albums out, a live album titled A is for Accident, and a self-titled studio album. Both albums were produced by their own company, Eight Foot Records. The next album in the works is rumored to be released in January of next year.