First and foremost, contrary to popular belief, Vicks inhalers cannot be processed into crystal meth. Although they do contain methamphetamine, the methaphetamine in Vick's Inhalers is of the levo- isomer, and therefore biochemically inactive.

Second, obtaining ether from Vick's inhalers is hardly an efficient or intelligent way of procuring the chemical.. For "refining" Sudafed tablets into pure P-fed, there are a multitude of solvents available, many of which can be purchased at a Chem supply house for much, much cheaper than a good quantity of inhalers.

And thirdly, along the same lines, someone who has the practical knowledge to make Meth in a home lab would be very unlikely to use Sudafed as a source; a little birdie has told me that Wal-Mart brand generic is the preferred source if the reaction starts with Pseudo as a reactant. In a large scale lab, they'd likely start with Ephedrine HCL or Sulphate, imported from Canada or Europe...

In any case, I severely doubt that the DEAs influence on this retailer to not allow the purchase of medication has impacted the street availability of Crystal Meth in any way, shape or form. It's a pity, really.