Writers Wanted

If you're reading this you're probably some kind of writer, right? Write. Clearly I'm some kind of writer too - look, writing! see? - but I'm looking for writers who can do fiction, because it's one thing I just haven't quite managed since my school days. I don't know why, but even my poems are non-fiction. Such is life.

You may be asking yourself: Why does Oolong want writers? Well, because I've been making these little creatures (out of Fimo and Sculpey, and occasionally clay), and I always wonder what their stories are. I'm sure they must have stories, but just because I made them, doesn't mean I know what they might be. So I'm looking for people to fill me in. Where did they come from? Where are they going? What are they so riled about?

I'm after stories of any length, from flash fiction up to epic, and any style you like - as long as they read like they could possibly be about small animals. I'm thinking that when I sell these fellas (for sell them I must) I might provide a little printout of a story along with them. I also harbour fantasies of making photo stories, books and animated films, hence the flexibility regarding length. You are very welcome to submit any story you write to E2, as you are always welcome to submit your stories to E2; but don't feel obliged, if you don't think they fit.

If you would like to know who the stories ought to be about, mosey on over to http://oolong.co.uk/colmod.htm to visit your source material. Oh - or if gangster stories are your thing, I'd love to hear some stories about the Bunny Mob. If you require any characters that you think should be there but aren't, I can always make them.

I probably can't offer much besides credit to any writers, but I'm willing to talk.

Any takers?