Once again, I've handed in my MSc project writeup. 10,494 words of text, 8,005 more of code. First time I handed it in, I was told that I didn't have nearly enough detail about what I'd done and how I did it, and the structure wasn't up to scratch. They may or may not be going to tell me the same thing again (they didn't), but either way I'm finally through working on this thing.

I wish they'd told me what sort of thing they expected me to write at the start. I did tell them more than once that I didn't have much of an idea, so it can't have come as much of a shock to anyone when this came through all too clearly in what I handed in.

This time I got some helpful comments on it from my friend Tom and three random noders (thank you, thank you, thank you). I should have thought of that sooner, just wandering into the catbox and saying 'Does anyone fancy reading over a 30-page MSc writeup on 3D football netcasting?' - it seems obvious in retrospect. Throughout the time I was writing the thing up I felt it was a problem that I didn't really know anyone (bar Tom) who had the right backround to say anything very useful, but here I am procrastinating daily in what is largely a geek community and it doesn't occur to me to ask here until I'm just about to have to hand the damn thing in!

shakes head.

Anyway... it's over and done with now, and a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Now to do something else! Maybe I'll spending a month or two working on the Cellular Automata-based model of the mind that underpins the theories of my mother and our manic genius friend Mike Lesser. Sort out my tea supply network. Make computer games and/or toys based on simulated gravity and spring systems. Node some of the science I've been meaning to write up ever since I got here. Make my web page prettier, put a load of new pictures and stuff on it, see if I can use it to convince someone that they should be employing me to play about with geometry and computer graphics. Get involved in a bit more of the political activism that I haven't had time for this last year or so, despite the urgent need for it just now. So much to do, and so much time!