Get in your car.
Do not look back.
Monsters are chasing.
They're going to attack.

Zombies are lumbering
Close on your heels
Step on that pedal
Spin up those wheels

Manticores running
With stings in their tails
And three rows of teeth
Are hot on your trail

Kelpies are galloping
Out from the deeps
They'll eat you alive
Like you're haggis and neeps

Vicious monoceri
Lowing for you -
I shudder to think
What they're hoping to do

Sea serpents slithering
Over the sand
Hate the very idea
Of you living on land

Ogres are stomping
Six yards with each stride
And they're not going to rest
Till they've plunged you inside

Monsters that don't
Even have any name
Since the people who met them
Were not seen again...

Don't stop to think
No time to look round
Just listen to me
Get the hell out of town.