Recently, more tidbits about Final Fantasy XII has surfaced in Japanese Gaming magazines. The most interesting thing that Squaresoft, the makers of the Final Fantasy series, has revealed, is an amazing teaser poster ( featuring a beautiful cityscape which looms high over a more naturerooted part of the city. Knowing that a central theme in most of Squaresofts games is the evergoing struggle between nature and man, one can speculate that it will also play a large part of the story of XII.

Another thing that has been revealed, is the names of the head honchos, who are in charge of the development. Jun Akiyama (known from Final Fantasy VII) will be the production supervisor, Akihiko Yoshida (known from Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story) as the character designer and 3D map designer and Hideo Minaba (worked on Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy IX) as the Art Director.

The Producer of the game, Yasumi Matsuno, has also said that some of the gameplay features found in the forthcoming Game Boy Advance game, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, would also find their way into Final Fantasy XII. Exactly which gameplay elements he is refering to, has not yet been revealed. Some speculate that there will also be storywise link, although nothing official has yet been said.

As of now, this twelth installment in the saga, is targeted to be released in Japan in the 2003 fiscal year, which starts in April 2003, and ends in March 2004. In other words, patience is very much required.