Curium, a wondrous thing
It's symbol, Cm, can make my heart sing

Number ninety-six, a sight to behold
Its color unknown, but certainly bold
It melts at sixteen thirteen K (or so I have been told)
It weighs two four seven AMUs. (Even more than gold!)

It is a rare earth metal, and an actinide at that
It is not found in nature for in labs is where it's at!

When the temp is two nine three
You may find that its density
Is one three point one five five g
Divided by cm to three

No one knows quite when it boils
But its name comes from the toils

of the Curies. They helped find
Radiation that warped their minds!
Then they breathed fire and were not kind
And laser beams from their eyes shined!

Tokyo would be no more
But Godzilla gave a mighty roar!

He killed the giant scientists
And stopped the swinging of their fists
No one in Tokyo could insist
That Godzilla does not exist

Says Pauling is just one point three
Curium, O curium
You have a friend in me!

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