OOOOH, well, I’m feeling a little better now, following yesterday, well sort of the day before as well. Ive spent most of my time since the sleeping.

On Tuesday night, one of my friends celebrated his 22nd birthday so naturally I was compelled to go out on a bit of a bender. My plans were to go out (a bit late), leave by about 1.45am, sleep and get up the next day bright and early.

At about 3.15/ 3.30am I abandoned the idea of sleep as the England game warm up was starting at 7.00am with the game itself half an hour latter. So Simon and myself went back to a nearby friends house (generously offered as a place of refuge to Simon earlier) to wait out the next few hours.

We went for some food (I was not staying up without it) and Simon got the last donner kebab in the shop. This didn't bother me as I have decided never to eat them again, but this was the only food in the shop! So I left empty handed, I shot of down the road in a food hunt with "you wont find anything at this time of night" ringing in my ears. Eventually I found a takeaway/taxi office still open; they only had chicken burgers left, but that suited my fine and I ordered a double burger and chips. Whilst waiting I got talking to two people in their who seemed really nice and very friendly, I just have no idea what they were talking about.

I met up with Simon again who was half way through his kebab and had drawn a small crowd of people who wanted a talk at this ungodly hour. We talked with them for what seemed like an eternity from everything from football to ethics and morality, to the expansive use of cars and those strange bubbles on the ground next to road crossings for the blind and extra foot grip. All in all I suppose it was just one of those conversations that would never happen in daylight hours.

We finally made it to the house. To my surprise, the front door had been left open for our arrival, which could not be a good thing near the centre of town. The rest of the night/dawn was spent going through a 6 pack and watching videos. We watched Swordfish and The Fast and the Furious, don’t remember much from them except the basic story line; I do however plan to watch them again when I am a little more with it though.

Eventually 6.30 came. We left after getting a coffee from one of the occupants of the house we had been using as a shelter for the last few hours. I was amazed by the number of people I saw on the roads, there were queues stretching round corners of people waiting to get in to the pubs at 6.00 in the bloody morning where they mad??

Well that is all the interesting stuff over with really, the game itself was particularly average with close calls from both sides. The only goods things happening was Sweden scoring against Argentina (If Argentina qualified, England didn't), this was latter nullified by Argentina scoring. So both games finished in a draw with England not looking that good really, but we qualify along with Sweden.

I await the game on Saturday against Denmark!

(have u noticed that the Denmark and the English flag are quite similar, good luck to both teams !).