Well what can I say, the World Cup seems to be going very well so far and so may it continue!!!

A fantastic result for Ireland, they only needed two goals to qualify but hey..... they got three !

France is out of the competition after not scoring a single goal in the entire tournament.....Oh how the mighty have fallen after such a glorious reputation (both Ex-european championships and World Champions).

And England beat Argentina, what a result. Some of you may not realise the long history between England and Argentina (not including the Falklands). The English have basically felt bitter about being beaten by the so called 'hand of God' goal, which was a blatent cheat, costing England there cup dreams. Ever since, matches between England and Argentina have had a slightly different meaning.

Now Im just hoping England do well tomorrow, if they do they also qualify.

Who will win the World Cup ???? Well we will just have to wait and see.