What do you do if you are not sure about your career path but cannot change it??? Is the short term loss worth the long term gain; or is it merely a short term loss preceding a long term failure?

Is this what you were meant for?
Is this all you are capable off?
What if you have chosen the wrong direction?
Well the direction may not seem to be chosen by you, you were led here by the endless flow of life!
Can life be wrong?
Is the longing caused by life itself, or is it due to the decisions within it?
Is it so wrong to follow the flow of your own destiny blindly (if there is such a thing)?
Am I simply doing something that is hard but necessary, leading me to greater things?
What would become of me if I did a complete U-turn?
Maybe I would just make it worse!
Well all cannot be so bad as I have the most fantastic girlfriend!
Would she leave me if the rest of my life fucks up???

Maybe I should just trust my moto