Together as one,
Engaged in a kiss,
Closing our eyes,
In deliberate bliss.
Joining our shadows,
From moonlight above,
Beneath all the stars,
Just me and my love.

Her arms hold me tight,
As I play with her hair,
Ebony, with curls,
Both luscious and fair.
We open our eyes,
When our lips move apart,
To look at the love,
We know won't depart.

Within us has grown,
This something so strong,
That to you and forever,
My heart will belong.
When moonlight has left,
And daytime is long,
I know that between us,
Our love will go on.

A love poem, for sure, And its a simple one but i'm happy with the flow and meter of the piece, which is smooth enough for a first time reader to enjoy.