I've never had a woman say thank you after I've held the door open for her. Even further, when I do this for women with their husbands in tow, their husband is the one who thanks me. From this behavior I suppose they thought that this was something that all men are supposed to do, so therefore I should not expect any acknowledgement for it.

I don't know Lometa, charm school or whatever it is they're calling it these days should be mandatory for both sexes. Boys/men can be somenasty, evil, and rude mofo's too. It could only help right? We all need to learn where and when to say please and thank you and all that other courteous stuff. However, that pause, look and smile thing may give people the wrong impression.

My ex-gf did the charm school thing. I never heard her say please when I didn't prompt her, or even thank you in the three years we were together. I guess since we were sleeping together there wasn't a need for any of those formalities. She ordered and I was supposed to obey without question. Is that what they teach in those places?