The 22nd Regiment the Special Air Service, to give the full title is a Special Forces organisation, which, was founded in the second world war, as L detachment, by David Stirling.

The SAS or the Regiment, as it is known to it soliders, has the motto of who dares wins. The SAS as well as acting as a recon in force element to the British Army also operates as an Anti-Terrorist organisation.

Added 15/4/2001 The structure of the SAS includes two Territorial Army regiments, the 21Artist Rifles and the 23rd Regiment.

Added 3/1/2002 The Regiment is broken up into several squadrons, currently A,B,C and D, although in the past there was also a G(aurds) Squadron. Other Squadrons and Wings exist, and terminate with there finality of use, such as R squadron, the CRW wing and RWW wing. Each squadron is broken up into 4 troops, Mobility Troop, Air Troop, Mountain Troop and Boat Troop. Members of Troops are trained in the other roles, but specialise in there own field.

A single squadron at any time is the "ready squadron" which are on a 24 hr notice to move, and a second squadron are the "standby squadron" on an hour, and 24 hour notice to move for acts of terror. Despite this, Stirling Lines, the home of the SAS is a remarkably quiet place.