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The SA80 is the Indivdiual Weapon of the British Army. It uses a NATO 5.56mm round with a maxium effective range of about 600 yards (I have been able to hit out at 500 yards from prone, 300 yards from standing). The weapon is properly known at the rifle, the rifle 5.56, or the L85A1. It has two modes of fire, and 3 types of fire. The modes of fire being repetition and automatic (marked R and A on the rifle). The Types of fire used are rapid, deliberate and assault. Assualt is most oftern used with the automatic selection, a bayonet fitted, and usally, grenades as well. The Weapon is gas operated (as most assualt rifles are), and uses a selection of sighting systems, an Iron Sight for non-infantry units, an Optical Sight (x4, with illuminating pointer) as standard issue to infantry units, and a Common Weapon Sight for use at night. The weapon has been criticised for being unreliable, but providing sufficent oil is used, of the correct type, I find that the weapon is actually pretty reliable. It is less reliable than the SLR but, with the miniaturisation of the SA80 that can be expected. This weapon has been re-designed to make is more reliable, and since firing this new weapon, I am impressed enough to say, that the British Army may well have the best military rifle in the world.