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If it's true that one is only as old as he feels, then today I'm very old. I hate to admit it, but my age doesn't correlate to how much I know. The older I get the less I seem to know for sure, and the more I know that I do not know. If that sounds like a Donald Rumsfeld quotation, it might be, but I'm sure he would deny it. I hope to live long enough to see his bosses impeached, and jailed.

Technology transforms at about the same rate that my memory cells are dying from senile dementia. Our vernacular changes even faster; before I can get a grip on the new slang, it has already become obsolete. So it goes.

I got started writing in the Age of Mechanical Typewriters and White Out. Although I've been around computers ever since our youngest daughter started college, sixteen years ago, I didn't have the nerve to touch one until she got married, moved out, and left her old PC at home for me to play with.

I watched her play games, such as Simm City, but those were the first programs that I uninstalled, when I took over. The only games I kept were Knight's Chess and Solitaire; the former was too challenging for me, so I let it goe when I built the PC I'm now using.

How did I get to this site? I was searching for information about "Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy." My wife is scheduled to begin such therapy next week; I try to keep abreast of the things her surgeon has done, is doing, or plans to do to hasten the healing process. It has been more than a year since she had her bilateral radical mastectomy, and a month since she went in for reconstruction. Both times she came home from the hospital with serious infections which resulted in significant loss of tissue and lengthy recovery times. Chris, my wife, is a tough cookie; as brave as any Marine I ever served with in combat. She tries to cheer me up after each visit by her home health care nurse, assuring me that "it isn't as bad as it looks."

I'm a white, heterosexual male Okie of the anti-Republican persuasion who thinks invading Iraq was immoral, unconstitutional, and stupid.