The new Sony CMD-Z5 mobile phone binds together advanced technology and a groovy design. In its size, which is smaller than a credit card (apart from its thickness of course), it contradicts the theory that a reduced size is achieved at the expense of a number of functions. It offers WAP services, e-mail (via POP3), a scheduler and a voice recorder. Also, with this telephone, Sony relies on handling with the use the wheel-style "Jog Dial".

All of those who are used to leaving their telephones lying about wherever possible will certainly appreciate this model. That is to say, it is equipped with a thick protective layer preventing scratches. In addition to this, the display, which provides well-ordered information about incoming calls, messages, timing, battery status and the signal, has a flip cover.

Access to WAP services has become quite usual on new models. Also, Sony wants to provide its users with access to the mobile Internet through or The offer also includes improved support for e-mail sending and receiving which is built into the telephone as POP3 operation and which also makes it possible to work with pictures, attachments and long texts when connected to a PC.

Another device is an integrated voice recorder, which is able to record up to 14 messages of maximum length of 20 seconds. With the help of this feature, it is also possible to record the important parts of some calls which you may need later. You can also save your personal answer on the automatic answering machine.

As for the telephone directory, Sony makes a real diary of it. The capacity for more than 500 contacts with telephone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses probably speaks for itself. For easier orientation, you can assign a graphic icon to each record and divide the directory into business contacts, family, friends, enemies, etc. in this way.

Sony mobiles have always been a little different thanks to their unusual design and comfort and this one is no exception. In future, hopefully the general impression will not be spoiled by the price which will only now be specified for the european market.

Personally, I'm saving up for one.