This dream log will actually contain a portion of a dream I remember from last night and a really weird dream that I had about a year ago. I am just starting to log my dreams in order to help me have a lucid dream. Last night I was trying to have lucid dreams by repeating the phrase "I will have a lucid dream and I will remember it", over and over again. It didn't work, and it probably didn't help that I had a few drinks. Anyway I woke up after a dream in the early morning, and I tried to commit it to memory so that I could jot it down later. That does not work. I remember parts of it but not much. I was not at home so I didn't have anything to write on.

Dream 1:
I remember hiking around a mountain, with a bunch of people. It must have been a popular area because I could see quite a few people around, besides the like 4-5 that were with me. Eventually we get up really high on the mountain. Maybe there were some sort of ski lifts around, but it was definitely summer time. I could see across a valley up to a different mountain, which wasn't nearly as far away as it should have been. Anyway two people did a platform jump off of a ski tower (or maybe just the top of the mountain), and they landed safely at the bottom of the valley. The fall wasn't very far even though we were supposed to be high up. Then it was suddenly my turn, along with some random other person who I didn't know. We jumped, or just started falling and because the fall was short, and I didn't really prepare for the jump my parachute either didn't open, or didn't have time to open so I plummet into the ground. I forget what happened exactly after that, maybe I woke up, or the dream changed.

Dream 2:
The other dream I remember from about a year ago is even shorter, it was just so cool that I had to write about it somewhere. I was alone and it was more like I was viewing a movie, I didn't seem to actually be there. The location was a really long hallway, intricate and expensive. I think I remember marble floors and the left side of the hallway was all glass, a bunch of large windows. I remember things in the hallway, like some intricate molding in the upper right corner and maybe some vases on pillars or something like that to make it look expensive. Somehow there is a large demon-like entity there. I remember it having stereotypical demon like qualities, being huge with large horns, all black, and overall evil. It was not clearly defined and seemed to emanate pure darkness. Then, before anything can happen, a powerful white light explodes out of the being, basically destroying it but the blast is so immense that it washes over me and shatters all the glass on the other side of the hallway, leaving a notable absence of the evil creature and lots of destruction behind. I remember having lots of religious discussions about God around then, maybe they provoked a dream like this.

The first dream seems fairly simple to interpret however the second dream just bugs me out. I'm sure there are a million ways to interperate it and if you have any interesting ideas /msg me.