Something on pronounciation, "Xavier" is pronounced with the "X" as a "Z", not as the letter x is pronounced in the alphabet (something like "ecks"). Correct pronounciation is unfortianatly rather important, as it helps one know what another is refering to.

There is a Xavier school somewhere in the southern US regions with which a Xavier in the upper US actually had the designs switched at making... or so a legend goes.

the Xavier in the upper US is a one story building that is LONG and takes forever to walk from one side of the building to the other, it is only one story tall though, no stair climbing. Naturally the Xavier in the lower US would be a taller building, the difference is due to designing for the climate, in which the taller building would save more on heating bills and would have less roofage to have to worry about leaking. The upper US Xavier has a minor problem of the weather outdoors coming in...

(Sorry for getting just a tad off of the Xavier University subject, wanted to clarify pronounciation just a bit...)